INVEST With us

An assets class that involves less risk.

Legal Fund offers a new assets class for investors where they can invest and get higher returns with low risk involved.

What is Investment?

In simple terms: owning an asset or any stuff to generate income or get appreciation. Investments can be made through the share market, Mutual funds, Derivative markets, debentures or bonds, gold, ESG… and now in Litigation. A person or entity who acquires assets by way of allocating their capital with an expectation of earning financial benefits in the future is known as an “Investor”.


The investment in Litigation funding refers to an arrangement wherein a third party agrees to bear the legal fees related to a case in exchange for a share of a successful claim. Neither the claimants nor the law firms have to bear the cost of the lawsuit proceedings if TPLF comes into the picture. Litigation finance companies are specialised third-party investors who help claimants to pay off legal fees, court fees, advocates fees, and other miscellaneous fees in litigation.
At the end of a successful claim, investors get their agreed share from the award received. As data suggest; TPLF asset class is emerging as the most preferred investment destination for investors that provides a high return on investments with very low volatility.

The objective of Investment


Safe appreciation in wealth

Putting money in equities, crypto and other equivalent asset class means a lot of volatility. It’s hard to predict the mood of the market, but if one wants a safe and speedy appreciation of wealth, investing in Litigation financing will be a wise choice.


Uncorrelated Asset

Legal claims are largely uncorrelated to the capital market, or other equivalents. No matter; what is going on in the financial market, in litigation financing, the returns are directly proportionate to cases merits.


Speed expansion

Litigation funding is a very old financial instrument, and now, it has gained a renewed focus.  And the duration of case disposing of has been reduced, so the scope and investment opportunities TPLF industry have immensely grown.


High returns

High returns do not solely depend on how big % you get, but more it depends on within what span of times you gained it. And in TPLF, it’s easy to calculate the time and possible outcome of the cases, also it usually offers a higher return


An alternative asset class

It provides an alternative asset class, which is totally different from any others available in the markets. It provides a good platform for individuals or other investors to invest and get good returns.


Easy investing

To invest in the capital market or any other kind of investment instrument, you have to do fundamental, technical many other analyses and much more research on the companies. But investing in Litigation financing is relatively much easy.


Remain unaffected

It can provide a high return on its own pace even if the country or the world is facing an economic slowdown because it has nothing to do with market ups and downs.


New Investment instrument

In India, there are many kinds of investment opportunities for the people. Now, TPLF will also provide a better alternative to diversify their portfolio, along with using the old way; also explore a new industry with better returns.