Associate With us

We also enable law firms and others consultants to serve their clients with our innovative funding Solutions.

We at Legal Fund have an in-depth understanding of finance problems between Law firms and Claimants, mainly to those firms which are dealing with a good amount of commercial disputes. We tend to work with Law Firms to support their cash-flow management and risk mitigation.

For Better client-serving Experience

In a competitive environment among the lawyers/law firms and rising demand of the clients, there may be a situation of delay in legal fees and non-realisation of payment due to the client’s insolvency or other reasons during proceedings. This situation might disrupt the lawyers/law firms workflow to contest claims with their full potential.
Some Clients also want their lawyer/law firm to arrange TPF for litigation, So, here, we offer a non-recourse funding platform for Lawyers/ Law firms to associate with us.

Legal Fund provides the lawyers/law firm:

Other Consulting Firms

Legal Fund offers a platform for the various sections of the society to fulfil their need and benefit by associating with us. 

Business consulting firms can also help their clients with a non-recourse litigation funding mechanism. They can submit the details of the cases for verifications for funding, and also they can seek investment opportunities with us.

Thinking of funds for fighting a legal claim, LegalFund will always be a better option for a hassle-free litigation journey.