About legal fund

We are a tech-enabled litigation finance company, founded in 2021 with an aim to provide non-recourse funds to the claimants and an alternative means of investment to the people. Funds from LegalFund are generally non-recourse; in other words, LegalFund gets agreed-share only after a successful outcome of the case. It provides necessary funds to the claimants as well as to the lawyers and law firms and also provides a platform for the people to invest in an emerging litigation finance industry for handsome returns. The LegalFund management has good expertise in the relative field and is committed to achieving its vision through its mission in a very transparent and growth-oriented manner for all stakeholders such as claimants, lawyers/law firms and Investors.


To create a tech-enabled platform for litigation financing and investment opportunities


To create a tech-driven medium to provide non-recourse funding to the claimants for the recovery of claims through litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), or settlements as well as an alternative investment platform to the people in an emerging litigation finance industry so that they can invest and get good returns along with their contribution to the growth of corporate